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Reliable Dog Boarding Services

Understanding and Knowledgeable Staff for Your Pets

At Dog's Life on Damen, we promise your dogs will get the care and attention they need, just like they were at home. They will enjoy at our day care facility and will be able to sleep overnight in comfort, preparing for the next day of play.
Our experienced attendants are also trained to notice anything abnormal - whether it's behavioral, digestive, fatigue, illness, or a flare-up of an existing medical condition - and we make sure to notify you first.
Do you have a dog with special needs? Our staff is trained to give medicines or supplements, assist with special diets, or even provide post-op surgery care at no extra charge. We encourage you to bring your dog's normal food when boarding!
Our drop-off and pickup hours are from 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM and from 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM daily. Late pickup is available by appointment only until 8:00 PM. The fee is $10 every half hour.
  • Overnight boarding - $40.00
  • 10-pack of boarding - $376.00
  • 20-pack of boarding - $736.00
Packages can be used anytime and are good for a year. Additional DISCOUNTS are available for larger packages. Day care fee will be added with an AM drop-off and PM pickup schedule.

Dog Boarding Requirements

To enroll your dogs in our day care, they must complete a board visit, which includes a temperament test and a tour of our facility. We recommend that you schedule your appointment for around 10:00 AM or around 4:00 PM. This is valid for all days in a week, including Saturdays and Sundays.
All dogs must be appropriately vaccinated. We require vaccination against rabies, distemper and parvo, and Bordetella. We accept titers and 3-year vaccinations. If applicable, a proof of city license is required. Also, your dog must be parasite-free.
We welcome and encourage your puppies to visit us! However, there is a certain requirement. They must complete 2 to 3 rounds of their initial vaccinations, though they can be intact. Recent scientific research has shown health benefits of delaying spaying or neutering. We will accept unspayed or unneutered dogs for day care and boarding services depending on the circumstances. Please call for more information.
To ensure your dogs have the best possible experience, we may ask them for a trial overnight boarding. This is so that your dogs can get comfortable with us, and learn that our facility is all about fun!

Special Benefits on Our Dog Boarding Services

We are offering $10 for the first day of care and $20 for the first night of boarding for new clients. We have over 40 years of boarding experience and are trained in behavioral group management. Plus, we also board cats!
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5456 N. Damen Ave
Get pickup and drop-off transportation services from us. Prices vary depending on where you are located, so give us a call for more information.
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